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City for Conquest (1940)

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Gesture name: Peggy pokes Danny
Start time: 0:30:47
End time: 0:30:54
Total duration: 0:00:07
Page #: 32
Measure #: 23
Scene: Reel 4 Part 2
Key: Ab
Meter: 2/4
Tempo (bpm): 76
Solo Instrument: harp, celeste; piano

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Description: Peggy sees that Danny is jealous and they have a little argument, so Peggy pokes him while he is shaving, accompanied by a quick rising musical gesture; throughout this scene, the music matches Peggy's moods more than Danny's (he of kind of annoyed, but the music does not communicate that)
On-screen: Peggy pokes Danny
Music annotations: [m. 23] p
Film annotations: [m. 23] She pokes him
Orchestration annotations: [m. 23] one cello / harp / celeste + piano

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