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His Greatest Gamble (1934)

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Theme name: The Chase 1
Start time: 0:29:26
End time: 0:29:44
Total duration: 0:00:18
Page #:
Measure #:
Scene: no score available
Key: eb - f - WT2 - unstable
Meter: 12/8
Tempo (bpm): 160
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: Steiner uses the chase theme from Most Dangerous Game (1932) in a montage depicting Philip's escape from prison; the music is fast and exciting, with a galloping rhythm as we see a speeding train; the music fades in, indicating that the earlier recording was used and brought in so that the cue would end at the right time; onscreen we see shots of Paris, traveling, London, and wanted posters
On-screen: Philip escapes from prison
Analysis: This cue begins with galloping rhythms in eb minor and f minor, then introduces a melodic gesture using the whole-tone 2 collection; the ending is harmonically less stable, interrupted by a fog horn in the soundtrack

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