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Hat, Coat, and Glove (1934)

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Theme name: Newspaper Montage
Borrowed from: The Conquerors (1932)
Start time: 0:32:22
End time: 0:32:50
Total duration: 0:00:28
Page #: no score available
Measure #: no score available
Scene: no score available
Key: unstable - b - unstable
Meter: 12/8
Tempo (bpm): 90
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: Ominous music plays over a montage of newspaper headlines; begins with dark brass fanfares, followed by a dramatic falling gesture and tragic brass harmonies; the headlines describe the murder scene; this music was borrowed from The Conquerors (1932)
On-screen: Newspaper headlines
Analysis: A chromatic rising sequence leads to a falling whole-tone gesture, then a dirge-like passage in b minor; it ends on an unstable whole-tone chord

dark | headline | montage | newspaper | ominous | tragic | transcribed by ear | whole-tone chord | whole-tone scale