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The Woman in White (1948) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Pavan Coda
Start time: 0:01:05
End time: 0:01:37
Total duration: 0:00:32
Page #: 4
Measure #: 20
Scene: Main Title
Tempo (bpm): 69
Instrumentation: orchestra
Description: Steiner adds a coda to the Byrd Pavan; measure 20 in the score is replaced in the film with four measures of music in C minor; after this, the coda continues in C major; on-screen we see the text "This famous story of mystery was written by Wilkie Collins nearly a hundred years ago. It is recognized as a classic and has set a pattern for this entire field of literature"; on the following page, it reads "England 1851" (this is where the music shifts to major); it is worth noting that Byrd's piece was written ca. 1613, so the music does not effectively establish a specific time, although it does establish that the story took place "in the distant past"; the narrator says that the exact date is April 4, 1851
On-screen: On-screen text

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