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The Big Sleep (1946) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Walking 2
Start time: 0:47:40
End time: 0:47:56
Total duration: 0:00:16
Page #: 55
Measure #: 16
Scene: Reel 5
Meter: 6/8
Marking: [m. 16] Modto; [m. 21] Tranquillo
Description: Arpeggiations in a descending sequence accompany Vivian (not Carmen this time) as she enters the apartment [same music for similar situation--Marlowe watches a woman that arrives in a car and enters a house]; latter part of the cue is extended with additional augmented triad arpeggiations
On-screen: Vivian enters Joe Brody's apartment complex
Music annotations: [m. 16] 1/2 tone higher
Film annotations: [m. 16] Vivian gets out; [m. 21] Dissolve


Theme not transcribed - see instance at 0:20:06