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Kid Galahad (1937)

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Theme name: The Ring
Composer: Sanford Green
Start time: 0:06:38
End time: 0:08:50
Total duration: 0:02:12
Page #: NIS
Measure #: NIS
Scene: not in score
Key: F
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 160
Instrumentation: dance band

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Description: New tune starts playing on the radio; this is most likely "The Ring" by Sanford Green (because of an error in the cue sheet, it could also be "The Prizefighter and the Lady" by Sanford Green)
On-screen: People at a party
Analysis: The tune has an AABA structure

AABA structure | crowd | establish character | leading lady | leading man | manager | party | partying | source music | transcribed by ear | upbeat