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The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)

Home > Film: The Life of Vergie Winters > Theme: Lullaby > Variant: Poco Con Moto > Instance: 0:54:53

Theme name: Lullaby
Variant name: Poco Con Moto
Start time: 0:54:53
End time: 0:55:21
Total duration: 0:00:28
Page #: 30
Measure #: 87
Scene: Reel 6 Part 2
Key: Bb
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 84
Marking: Poco con moto
Instrumentation: strings
Solo Instrument: violin

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Description: A somewhat calmer variant on the Lullaby theme; John proposes leaving his wife and Vergie talks him out of it; ends with a rhapsodic violin solo over a tonic pedal; after this scene there is a time-lapse montage (unusually without music) moving the year from 1924 to 1932)
On-screen: Joan and Vergie talk about the future
Music annotations: [m. 87] poco con moto / mf; [m. 88] sfz; [m. 89] pp / rall; [m. 90] sfz / pp; [m. 91] sempre rall e dim
Film annotations: [m. 87] "Vergie I can't" etc; [m. 89] It's no use!; [m. 91] "Another closed incident"
Orchestration annotations: [m. 87] celli etc; [m. 88] harp; [m. 91] celli / horn; [m. 93] harp, flute and solo violin
Analysis: The cue begins over a dominant pedal and features some altered dominants; after resolving to the tonic, it is embellished with a rich viio7/I harmonic, then ends with a I add6 chord; mode mixture adds a somber tinge at the end of the scene (a sigh gesture)

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