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The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)

Home > Film: The Life of Vergie Winters > Theme: Lullaby > Variant: Not in Score > Instance: 0:32:18

Theme name: Lullaby
Variant name: Not in Score
Start time: 0:32:18
End time: 0:33:38
Total duration: 0:01:20
Page #: NIS
Measure #: NIS
Scene: not in score
Key: F - a - C - F
Meter: 6/8
Tempo (bpm): 54
Instrumentation: strings

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Description: Vergie's lullaby theme is played as she and John meet secretly and talk about their baby; this cue is missing from Steiner's sketch but is very similar to the subsequent cue in the park (with an extended ending); the cue ends with a chiming clock that interrupts the two lovers by announcing how late it is; the clock chime is in the same key (F major) as the orchestral music but exists diegetically in their world (they hear the clock chiming and react to it); the actual chime may have been played as part as Steiner's score
On-screen: Vergie and John look at a baby picture
Analysis: The orchestral music is resolved by the clock chime, so this is an example of the score moving to source music, even though it just a single pitch of the melody

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