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The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)

Home > Film: The Life of Vergie Winters > Theme: Lullaby > Variant: Agitated > Instance: 1:01:27

Theme name: Lullaby
Variant name: Agitated
Start time: 1:01:27
End time: 1:02:11
Total duration: 0:00:44
Page #: NIS
Measure #: NIS
Scene: not in score
Key: OCT1 (G) - OCT1(F) - g - g#
Meter: 3/4
Tempo (bpm): 132
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: Tense variant on the Lullaby theme, using fast repeated notes and tense harmonies, as John and Laura have an argument about Joan; after sequencing through several tonal areas, the cue ends with a tense drone
On-screen: John and Laura argue about Joan
Music annotations: [m. 50] mp / change over to next reel
Film annotations: [previous page] adoption scene; [m. 50] Laura: "Tell me about it, John!"
Analysis: This cue is missing from the sketch; the last chord is the only thing that remains (page 32, m. 50 of reel 7); repeating diminished seventh chords create tension as the melody is stated in an octatonic scale (first in G, then in F); the tense mood continues as the melody is altered to begin with the scale degrees DO-ME in g minor, then up a half step in g# minor

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