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The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)

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Theme name: A Boy and a Girl
Start time: 1:07:00
End time: 1:08:00
Total duration: 0:01:00
Page #: 34
Measure #: 16
Scene: Reel 8 Part 1
Key: F - D
Meter: 2/2
Tempo (bpm): 72
Instrumentation: strings

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Description: John turns on the radio and we hear Steiner's tune "A Boy and a Girl"; Steiner later re-used this theme as the "Kay and Veda" theme in Mildred Pierce; here the tune is heard as a sentimental ballad for strings; John comments on the song: "I kind of like that; how 'bout you?" and Vergie replies "Oh fine!"; the tune unexpectedly modulates, ending with a half cadence in D major; the manuscript is missing the first 15 measures
On-screen: John and Vergie listen to the radio
Music annotations: [m. 17] rall / ff; [m. 27] gradually; [m. 29] molto modto / pp; [m. 33] pp
Film annotations: [m. 25] "It belonged to my grandmother!" / Scene with wedding veil; [m. 29] "I wonder how it would look on Joan!"; [m. 30] It's such a beautiful thing!; [m. 31] I'm bringing it up to date as if she were really going to wear it!
Orchestration annotations: [m. 27] harp / (change to legit orchestra) / celli; [m. 33] harp
Analysis: The first page (15 measures) is missing from the sketch; modulates towards D major at the end of the cue

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