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The Letter (1940)

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Theme name: Letter
Variant name: Sarcastic
Start time: 0:15:10
End time: 0:15:28
Total duration: 0:00:18
Page #: 32
Measure #: 48
Scene: Reel 2 Part 1
Key: unstable - a
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 44
Instrumentation: strings
Solo Instrument: harp

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Description: Steiner's marking "Sarcastic-like" for this variant implies that he does not feel the music is sincere, representing Leslie's deception of the men; it could also be linked with Leslie's somewhat sarcastic statement "You are all very kind!"
On-screen: Robert comforts Leslie
Music annotations: [m. 48] Sarcastic-like!!! (I'm getting "subtle!" "If you please!") / pp / a tempo; [m. 52] rit
Film annotations: [m. 48] Mrs. Crosby, may I say; [m. 50] You were all very kind!
Orchestration annotations: [m. 48] viol (6) / oboe / str only; [m. 51] horn / fl + vibraph
Analysis: Each rising scalar segment is harmonized with a repeating chromatic sequence; the cue ends with an E9 chord over a dissonant A pedal

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