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Title: The Most Dangerous Game [IMDb]

Film Structure

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Release date: September 16, 1932
Studio: RKO
Runtime: 63 minutes
IMDB genres: action, adventure, horror, thriller
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6902888

Synopsis [hide]

A psychotic big game hunter deliberately strands a luxury yacht on a remote island, where he begins to hunt its passengers for sport.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): animal attack, attacked by a dog, big game hunter, bow and arrow, bow hunting, brother sister relationship, castaway, change of heart, contest, cossack, crocodile, deaf mute, death, dog, drunkenness, escape, exotic locale, explosion, falling from height, fight, fistfight, forest, fortress, gothic mansion, great dane, gunfire, human prey, hunter, hunting, irony, jungle, knife thrower, loss of brother, madman, manhunt, most dangerous game, murder, mute villain, mysterious island, nobility, obsession, psychopath, reef, role reversal, russian, severed head, shark, shark attack, ship wreck, shipwreck, silent henchman, slaughter, spear, survival, swamp, tiger, trap, trophy cabinet, violence, waterfall, island

Cast and Crew

Joel McCreaBob Rainsford
Fay WrayEve
Robert ArmstrongMartin
Leslie BanksCount Zaroff
Noble JohnsonIvan
Steve ClementeTartar
William B. DavidsonCaptain
Oscar 'Dutch' HendrianTartar Servant

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:02:27
Music duration: 00:33:06
Pages in score: 84
Total themes: 32
Themes with variants: 14
Total variants: 96
Total gestures: 15
Total underscoring sections: 7
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:50
Total instances: 156


Name Uses Variants
Russian Waltz 35 24
The Iron Door 32 12
Zaroff 29 24
The Chase 14 4
Courage 10 4
Emotions 8 5
The Approach 8 4
Emotions 2 6 4
Centaur 1 0
Decapitated Head 1 0
Mysterioso Dramatico 1 0
RKO Tower 1 0
Shark Attack 1 0
The Beach 1 0
The Count Approaches 1 0
The Fog 1 0
The Open Sea 1 0
The Waterfall 1 0
The Wreck 1 0
Walking 1 0


Name Uses
The Chase + The Iron Door 7
Russian Waltz + The Iron Door 6
Zaroff + The Iron Door 3
Courage + Russian Waltz + Iron Door 2
Courage + The Iron Door 2
The Chase + Courage 1
The Chase + Russian Waltz 1
The Crocodile + Courage 1
Zaroff + Russian Waltz + The Iron Door 1

Source Music

Name Uses
Iron Door 2
A Moment In The Dark 1
Piano Improvisation 1
Piano Noise 1
The Crocodile 1


Bob leaping
Dog attacking
Dog falling
Dog falling 2
Falling off cliff
Falling out of window
Getting up
Rock Falling
Running into spear
The Count rises
Trap Falling
Tree falling