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Title: In This Our Life [IMDb]

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Release date: May 16, 1942
Studio: Warner Brothers
Runtime: 97 minutes
IMDB genres: drama
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6787189

Synopsis [hide]

A young woman, Stanley Timberlake, dumps her fiance, Craig Fleming, and runs off with her sister Roy's husband, Peter Kingsmill. They marry, settle in Baltimore, and Stanley ultimately drives Peter to drink and suicide. Stanley returns home to Richmond only to learn that her sister Roy and old flame Craig have fallen in love and plan to marry. The jealous and selfish Stanley attempts to win back Craig's affections, but her true character is revealed when, rather than take the rap herself, she attempts to pin a hit and run accident on the young black clerk, Parry Clay, who works in Craig's law office.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): african american, african american man, african american woman, ambition, aunt, automobile accident, automobile chase, baltimore maryland, banister, bar, based on novel, bicycle, champagne, dancing, divorce, doctor, face slap, false accusation, fire, fireplace, forest fire, four poster bed, frame up, hatbox, hit and run, hurricane lamp, infidelity, interior decorator, jail, jazz, justice of the peace, kiss, law clerk, law office, lawyer, leitmotif, liar, maid, mailbox, manslaughter, marly horse, marriage proposal, newspaper headline, orchestral music score, painting, park, park bench, phonograph, phonograph record, pipe, pipe smoking, police, portrait, pulitzer prize source, richmond virginia, romantic rivalry, selfishness, shoes, sibling rivalry, sister, source music, staircase, stairs, suicide, symphonic music score, taxi, telephone call, uncle, victrola, wainscoting, woman in underwear, woman's shoe, virginia

Cast and Crew

Bette DavisStanley Timberlake
Olivia de HavillandRoy Timberlake
George BrentCraig Fleming
Dennis MorganPeter Kingsmill
Charles CoburnWilliam Fitzroy
Frank CravenAsa Timberlake
Billie BurkeLavinia Timberlake
Hattie McDanielMinerva Clay
Lee PatrickBetty Wilmoth
Mary ServossCharlotte Fitzroy
Ernest AndersonParry Clay
William B. DavidsonJim Purdy
Edward FieldingDr. Buchanan
John HamiltonPolice Inspector Millett
William ForrestForest Ranger

John Huston: director

Raoul Walsh: director

Max Steiner: composer

Leo F. Forbstein: musical director

Hugo Friedhofer: orchestrator

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:36:44
Music duration: 01:06:53
Pages in score: 147
Total themes: 40
Themes with variants: 16
Total variants: 76
Total gestures: 4
Total underscoring sections: 13
Total underscoring duration: 00:04:28
Total instances: 171


Name Uses Variants
Stanley 50 30
Roy 18 15
Stanley B 16 6
Stanley Introduction 8 4
Love Theme 7 4
Asa 5 4
Fast Driving 5 2
Big Sweep 4 2
Blues in the Night 3 1
Caring 3 0
Expressivo 3 1
Minerva and Parry 3 1
Anger 2 1
Discussion 2 0
Driving 2 0
London Bridge is Falling Down 2 2
Pleadingly 2 0
Police 2 1
South American Way 2 0
Danger 1 0
Flirting 1 0
Forest Fire 1 0
Funereal 1 0
Here Comes the Bride 1 1
Maestoso 1 0
Meno 1 0
Our Life 1 0
Phone Call 1 0
Signature 1 0
The End 1 0
Transition 1 0
Uncle Fitzroy 1 0

Other films borrowed from:

Gold Is Where You Find It (1938)

Dust Be My Destiny (1939)


Name Uses
Driving + Love Theme 1
Fast Driving + Stanley 1
Stanley + Stanley B 1
Underscoring (Tense) + South American Way 1

Source Music

Name Uses
Autumn Nocturne 1
How Do I Know It's Sunday 1
Java Jive 1
This Time the Dream's on Me 1
You're a Lucky Guy 1


Car crash
Car crash 2
Door opens
Turning around


Tense) + South American Wa