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Title: I Was a Communist for the FBI [IMDb]

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Release date: May 05, 1951
Studio: Warner Brothers
Runtime: 83 minutes
IMDB genres: crime, drama, film-noir, mystery, thriller
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6787115

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In Pittsburgh, PA, an F.B.I. agent works to undermine the Communist party, but his brothers and his teenage boy thinks he's a real Red.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): adolescent, adolescent boy, alcoholic drink, applause, attempted murder, automobile, bad reputation, bar, baseball bat, being followed, betrayal, birthday, birthday present, black man, boy, brother brother relationship, brother vs brother, bullet wound, car, caught in the rain, cia, cigarette smoking, claim in title, clandestine, clapping, cointelpro, communist, communist infiltrator, communist spy, counter spy, cover up, covert operation, death of mother, doctor, donut, doughnut, duplicity, eavesdropping, factory, false accusation, family love, family quarrel, father, father son hug, father son relationship, fbi agent, federal bureau of investigation, file cabinet, following someone, funeral, gift, gun, gunfire, head bandage, hearing, hitman, hugging one's son, inappropriate use of the n word, incriminating document, infiltration, infiltrator, killing, laguardia airport, lead pipe, letter, lighting a cigarette, listening device, little boy, lost letter, map, map of united states, match, meeting, misunderstanding, mother son relationship, murder, narrated by character, newspaper, paternal love, patriotism, pennsylvania, phone booth, photo album, picket line , picket sign, picketing, pipe smoking, pittsburgh pennsylvania, police arrest, priest, punched in the face, punched in the stomach, rabble rouser, rain, record store, recording device, reel to reel tape recorder, reference to abraham lincoln, reference to jan masaryk, reference to josef stalin, reference to leon trotsky, reference to walter germanovich krivitsky, riot, robe, romantic subplot, run over by a train, schoolteacher, secret letter, shot in the head, shot to death, shot with a gun, slovenian, split lip, spy, stabbed to death, steel mill, stock footage, stolen letter, strike, striking a match, tape recorder, teacher, teenage boy, teenager, telephone, telephone booth, telephone call, teletype, toasting with a drink, train, train travel, tunnel, undercover agent, undercover cop, undercover fbi agent, union meeting, voice over narration, work place injury, communist party, lockheed constellation

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Max Steiner: composer


Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:22:48
Music duration: 00:20:38
Pages in score: 52
Total themes: 17
Themes with variants: 4
Total variants: 17
Total gestures: 8
Total underscoring sections: 5
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:54
Total instances: 54


Name Uses Variants
Undercover Agent 17 12
Family 5 1
FBI 3 2
FBI 2 3 2
(I'm Gonna Wait) A Little Bit Longer (For That Never-on-Time Baby of Mine) 1 0
Agents Fight 1 0
Battle Hymn of the Republic 1 0
Communist 1 0
Don'Cha Go 'Way Mad 1 0
Family B 1 0
I'm in a Jam with Baby 1 0
Ice Cold Katy 1 0
Insult 1 0
Pittsburgh 1 0
Signature 1 0
Sneaking 1 0
Strike 1 0

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Commie is shot
Down the stairs
Jumps off stairs
Running and hiding
Throws lamp
Turns on lights