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Title: Hell on Frisco Bay [IMDb]

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Release date: December 25, 1955
Studio: Jaguar/Warner Brothers
Runtime: 98 minutes
IMDB genres: crime, drama, film-noir, thriller
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6787113

Synopsis [hide]

When ex-cop Steve Rollins is released from San Quentin after five years, his only thoughts are of revenge on the men who framed him for manslaughter. Back in San Francisco, his quest for the truth brings him up against ruthless waterfront gang boss Victor Amato.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): 1950s, based on novel, catholic priest, diner, ex convict, ex cop, fisherman, frame up, gangster, henchman, infidelity, motorboat, nephew, nightclub entertainer, police corruption, prison, racketeer, revenge, san francisco california, san quentin, san quentin penitentiary, scar, separation, wharf, wife, san francisco

Cast and Crew

Alan LaddSteve Rollins
Edward G. RobinsonVictor Amato
Joanne DruMarcia Rollins
William DemarestDan Bianco
Paul StewartJoe Lye
Perry LopezMario Amato
Fay WrayKay Stanley
Renata VanniAnna Amato
Nestor PaivaLouis Fiaschetti
Stanley AdamsHammy
Willis BoucheyPolice Lt. Paul Neville
Peter HansenDetective Connors
Anthony CarusoSebastian Pasmonick
Peter J. VotrianGeorge Pasmonick
George J. LewisFather Larocca
Rod TaylorJohn Brodie Evans
Tina CarverBessie Coster

Frank Tuttle: director

Max Steiner: composer

Murray Cutter: orchestrator

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:38:29
Music duration: 00:54:45
Pages in score: 150
Total themes: 29
Themes with variants: 0
Total variants: 0
Total gestures: 13
Total underscoring sections: 18
Total underscoring duration: 00:06:00
Total instances: 153


Name Uses Variants
Menace 25 0
Hell on Frisco Bay 24 0
Amato 18 0
Steve 13 0
Anna 7 0
Menace 2 5 0
Lye 4 0
Kay 3 0
Boat Chase 1 0
Dead Man 1 0
Disappointment 1 0
Georgie 1 0
Hammy Is Shot 1 0
Headline 1 0
Horn Call 1 0
How Many Hearts Have You Broken 1 0
I'm Off 1 0
It Can't Be Wrong 1 0
It Had to Be You 1 0
Lye's Death 1 0
Pleading 1 0
Prison Gate 1 0
Spring Song 1 0
Steve Arrives 1 0
The Church 1 0
The Wreath 1 0


Amato falls
Amato runs
Boy running
Climbing and jumping
Face twitching
Lifting up
Picks up suitcase
Police running
Sneaking and following
Steve dives
Steve dives 2
Steve runs