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Title: City for Conquest [IMDb]

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Release date: September 21, 1940
Studio: Warner Brothers
Runtime: 104 minutes
IMDB genres: drama, music, sport
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6770710

Synopsis [hide]

Danny is a content truck driver, but his girl Peggy shows potential as a dancer and hopes he too can show ambition. Danny acquiesces and pursues boxing to please her, but the two begin to spend more time working than time together.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): accordion, ambition, amusement park ride, announcer, athletic club, audience, based on novel, bed ridden, blindness, booking agent, boxer, boxing, boxing match, boxing ring, broadway producer, brooklyn new york city, brother brother relationship, bum, business manager, camera, carnegie hall, casino, caviar, chorine, chorus line, composer, coney island, coney island brooklyn new york city, contract, corpse, crane, crooked manager, dance contest, dance hall, dancer, dancing, doctor, door to door salesman, double cross, dressing room, ex convict, face slap, fistfight, gambler, gambling, gangster, gunshot, gym, jitterbug, knocked out, listening to radio, little boy, little girl, loving cup, lower east side manhattan new york city, maid, manhattan new york city, marquee, megaphone, monkey, murder, music band, music conductor, musician, neon light, new vendor, new york city, newsboy, newspaper headline, nurse, nylons, omnipotent narrator, orchestral music score, organ grinder, panties, party, phonograph record, photographer, pianist, piano lesson, police officer, porter, poster, poverty, punched in the face, punching bag, push cart, radio broadcasting, rape, record player, referee, reference to anna pavlova, reference to bob fitzsimmons, reference to ed sullivan, reference to jack dempsey, reference to ludwig van beethoven, reference to max baer, reference to primo carnera, rehearsal, revenge, revolver, roller coaster, romantic rivalry, rosin, self sacrifice, shaving, sheet music, shot to death, singer, singing, sparring practice, spectator, stage, standing ovation, straight razor, subway, surgical operation, swing band, symphony orchestra, tears, theatre, train, training, trophy, upskirt, vacuum cleaner, vaudeville, walking cane, truck driver

Cast and Crew

James CagneyDanny Kenny
Ann SheridanPeggy Nash
Frank CravenOld Timer
Donald CrispScotty MacPherson
Frank McHughMutt
Arthur KennedyEddie Kenny
George TobiasPinky
Jerome CowanDutch
Elia KazanGoogi
Anthony QuinnMurray Burns
Lee PatrickGladys
Blanche YurkaMrs. Nash
George LloydGoldie
Joyce ComptonLilly
Thurston HallMax Leonard
Ben WeldenCobb
John ArledgeSalesman
Edward KeaneGaul
Selmer JacksonDoctor
Joseph CrehanDoctor

Anatole Litvak: director

Jean Negulesco: director

Max Steiner: composer

Leo F. Forbstein: musical director

Hugo Friedhofer: orchestrator

Ray Heindorf: orchestrator

Ray Heindorf: composer

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:44:12
Music duration: 00:51:54
Pages in score: 172
Total themes: 49
Themes with variants: 10
Total variants: 49
Total gestures: 10
Total underscoring sections: 3
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:25
Total instances: 124


Name Uses Variants
Tone Poem A1 33 18
Sidewalks of New York 13 10
Googi 5 4
I'm Just Wild About Harry 5 1
Shadow Waltz 4 3
Tone Poem Alternate Endings 3 3
42nd Street 2 0
Tone Poem 2 1
Tone Poem D 2 2
Boxing Poster 1 0
Galop 1 0
Improvisation 1 0
Interlude 1 0
Misterioso 1 0
Only Fooling 1 0
Signature 1 0
Tone Poem B 1 1
Tone Poem Train 1 0
Tone Poem Transition 1 0
Train 1 0
Tranquillo 1 0
Transition 1 0

Theme Combinations

Name Uses
Tone Poem A1 + Tone Poem A2 11
Tone Poem A1 + Sidewalks of New York 1

Source Music

Name Uses
Tone Poem A2 11
Adios Muchachos 2
Drum Roll 2
Jalousie 2
Liberty Day 2
Where Were You When the Moon Came Out 2
A Girl Like You 1
Corn Pickin' 1
Fanfare 1
Garden of the Moon 1
In the Evening 1
Japanese Sandman 1
Latin For Manhattan 1
Lullaby of Broadway 1
Miramar 1
My Old Kentucky Home 1
Negra Consentida 1
Original Bolero 1
Original Foxtrot 1
Original Rhumba 1
Piggy Wiggy Woo 1
Powder My Back 1
Scales 1
The Bowery 1
The Continental 1
The Words Are in My Heart 1


Googi dies
Gun falls
Kicks body
Peggy Pokes Danny
Peggy runs
Shooting and dying
Throws gun away
Tone Poem train whistle