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Title: Gridiron Flash [IMDb]

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Release date: October 26, 1934
Studio: RKO
Runtime: 64 minutes
IMDB genres: comedy, drama, sport

Synopsis [hide]

The Bedford College football coach cuts a deal with a talented player who also happens to be a convicted bank robber. If he stays out of trouble, the coach will get him paroled. He also convinces his pretty niece to keep him honest.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): athletic scout, college life, constable, convict, ex convict, football coach, friendship, headline montage, jail, jewelry, moral reformation, newspaper headline, no music, parole, party, police, prison, rehabilitation, roommate, sheriff, source music, thief, wipe, american football

Cast and Crew

Eddie QuillanThomas Burke
Betty FurnessJane Thurston
Grant MitchellHoward Smith
Lucien LittlefieldL.B. Fields
Edgar KennedyOfficer Thurston
Grady SuttonPudge Harrison
Joe SawyerCoach Eversmith
Allen WoodStub
Margaret DumontMrs. Fields

Glenn Tryon: director

Max Steiner: musical director

Alberto Colombo: composer

Max Steiner: stock music composer

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:03:33
Music duration: 00:05:27
Pages in score: no score available
Total themes: 9
Themes with variants: 0
Total variants: 0
Total gestures: 0
Total underscoring sections: 0
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:00
Total instances: 12


Name Uses Variants
Gridiron Flash 4 0
Fanfare 1 0
Marching Band Tune 1 0
Oh, Mama 1 0
Transition 1 1 0
Transition 2 1 0

Source Music

Name Uses
Dunlap Commandery 1
RKO Tower 1
Swing it Sister 1