Blind Adventure (1933)

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Title: Blind Adventure [IMDb]

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Release date: August 18, 1933
Studio: RKO
Runtime: 65 minutes
IMDB genres: mystery

Synopsis [hide]

An American in London stumbles on a criminal ring.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): criminal

Cast and Crew

Robert ArmstrongRichard Bruce
Helen MackRose Thorne
Roland YoungHolmes
Ralph BellamySteele
John MiljanRegan
Laura Hope CrewsLady Rockingham
Beryl MercerElsie
Forrester HarveyCoffee shop owner
Henry StephensonMajor Thorne
Tyrell DavisGerald Fairfax

Ernest B. Schoedsack: director

Merian C. Cooper: producer

Roy Webb: composer

Max Steiner: musical director

Max Steiner: composer

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:02:30
Music duration: 00:08:07
Pages in score: no score available
Total themes: 7
Themes with variants: 1
Total variants: 1
Total gestures: 0
Total underscoring sections: 0
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:00
Total instances: 9


Name Uses Variants
My Imaginary Sweetheart 2 1
Isn't This a Night For Love 1 0
Opening Fanfare 1 0

Source Music

Name Uses
The Prisoner's Song 2
Marcellene 1
RKO Tower 1
When You're Far Away 1