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Title: Is My Face Red? [IMDb]

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Release date: June 17, 1932
Studio: RKO
Runtime: 66 minutes
IMDB genres: action, crime, drama, romance

Synopsis [hide]

Poster writes a gossip column for the Morning Gazette. He will write about anyone and everyone as long as he gets the credit. He gets most of his information from his gal, Peggy who is a showgirl. When Bill sees Tony stab Angelo Spinelli to death in a speak easy, he puts it front page of the Gazette. But on the night that he goes out with heiress Mildred, he slips the diamond that came from Peggy's finger on Mildred's finger and announces his engagement - while tattling about her friends in his column. This gets him in dutch with Mildred and Peggy. At the same time, the cops cannot find Tony, but Tony is looking for Poster to thank him for the publicity.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): 1930s, archive footage, b movie, barber, barber shop, based on play, bootlegger, broadway manhattan new york city, cigar smoking, cigarette smoking, color in title, deception, diamond ring, drinking, engagement ring, gang leader, gangster, gossip, gossip columnist, heiress, informant, investigation, italian accent, knife, liquor, manhattan new york city, murder, new york city, newspaper, newspaper editor, newspaper reporter, nightclub, police officer, prohibition, publicity, question in title, radio announcer, radio program, radio show, scandal, search, showgirl, speakeasy, stock footage, telephone, telephone operator, waiter, water cooler

Cast and Crew

Helen TwelvetreesPeggy Bannon
Ricardo CortezWilliam Poster
Jill EsmondMildred Huntington
Robert ArmstrongEd Maloney
Arline JudgeBee - Poster’s Secretary
Zasu PittsMorning Gazette Telephone Operator

William A. Seiter: director

Max Steiner: composer

Ray Heindorf: orchestrator

Bernhard Kaun: orchestrator

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:05:44
Music duration: 00:20:07
Pages in score: no score available
Total themes: 19
Themes with variants: 6
Total variants: 11
Total gestures: 3
Total underscoring sections: 0
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:00
Total instances: 36


Name Uses Variants
Mildred Waltz 6 2
You Bunch of Fun 5 3
Sailing of the Olympic 3 2
Keyhole 2 1
Sidewalks of New York 2 2
Strolling the Deck 2 1
Burlesque 1 0
Cute! 1 0
Geraldine Tucker 1 0
Guilty 1 0
I Love Thee 1 0
Press Club 1 0
Scenes Metropolitaine 1 0
Steam whistle 1 0
Transition 1 0

Source Music

Name Uses
Close to Me 1
Comin' Thro' the Rye 1
RKO Tower 1
Trysting Place, The 1


Sailing 2