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Title: White Heat [IMDb]

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Release date: September 03, 1949
Studio: Warner Brothers
Runtime: 114 minutes
IMDB genres: action, crime, drama, film-noir
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6909227

Synopsis [hide]

A psychopathic criminal with a mother complex makes a daring break from prison and leads his old gang in a chemical plant payroll heist.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): adultery, alibi, american flag, anger, anti hero, arm sling, attempted murder, bandaged face, betrayal, black sedan, blocked road, blown cover, bound and gagged, bullhorn, burnt face, cabin, california, caper, car chase, car on train tracks, car trailer, censorship, cheating wife, chemical plant, cigarette holder, cigarette smoking, climbing in a window, communications equipment, confession of crime, corpse, courtroom, crime gang, criminal gang, cult film, cutting telephone line, death threat, deception, detective, detention, direction finder, disobey direct order, doctor, double cross, drive in movie, drive in theatre, dumb criminal, escape, europe, explosion, explosive, face bandage, falling down stairs, false identity, fedora, female stockinged feet, film within a film, fire, fisherman, fishing reel, fistfight, floor safe, fugitive, fur coat, gang banger, gangster, gas chamber, gas station, gasoline, getaway, grocery, guard tower, gun, gun battle, gunfight, gunshot, hand bandage, handgun, hands up, head bandage, hearing aid, heist, held at gunpoint, hold up, hostage, hunch, husband wife relationship, illinois, indiscretion, infiltrate the gang, inmate, insanity, interrogation, jail break, jammed gun, judge, judo, jumping onto a train, keep out sign, kicked in the butt, killed in an explosion, killer, knock down woman, knocked out, knocked unconscious, lake tahoe, laundered money, letter, letter a, letter b, lip reading, los angeles california, los angeles city hall, loss of mother, loudspeaker, mail train, main character dies, main character shot, mama's boy, man kicking a woman, map, megaphone, mercy killing, message, microphone, migraine, migraine headache, mink coat, mirror, mobile home, montage, morgue, motel, mother in law daughter in law relationship, mother son relationship, motorcycle, movie screen, murder, murder of mother, news report, newspaper headline, nylons, oil refinery, on the run, opening action scene, orchestral music score, oscillator, out of ammunition, panties, passing message, pay phone, payphone, payroll robbery, person in a car trunk, photograph, pistol, pistol whip, playing cards, police car, police chase, police officer, police shootout, police station, policeman shot, porter, prison, prison break, prison cell, prison guard, prison yard, psychiatrist, pump action shotgun, punched in the face, punching a prison guard, pursuit, radiator, radio, radio newscast, railroad, railway post office, redacted letter, restroom, revenge, revolver, satin blouse, scalded by steam, scalded face, searchlight, security guard, seizure, service station, shoot the lock, shootout, shot in the back, shot in the belly, shot in the shoulder, shot multiple times, shot through a door, shot to death, shotgun, sierra nevada mountains, siren, sniper rifle, solitary confinement, soup, springfield illinois, state penitentiary, station wagon, steam train, stockings, stolen money, stool pigeon, strait jacket, strawberry, suitcase of money, supermarket, surrender to authority, surveillance, tailing a suspect, tank car, tanker truck, tear gas, tied to a chair, tied together, tough guy, track switch, trailer home, train, train robbery, train tunnel, transmitter, triangulation, trojan horse, truck, tunnel, undercover, undercover cop, undercover in prison, upskirt, vaccination, villain played by lead actor, walkie talkie, watching a movie, whispering, whistle, windy, wink, woman wearing a fur coat, writing on a mirror, psychopath

Cast and Crew

Max Steiner: composer


Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:53:16
Music duration: 00:52:36
Pages in score: 209
Total themes: 57
Themes with variants: 14
Total variants: 64
Total gestures: 14
Total underscoring sections: 34
Total underscoring duration: 00:09:31
Total instances: 206


Name Uses Variants
Agents 14 12
Danger 12 6
Pursuit 12 7
Plotting 11 7
Cody 10 8
T-Men 8 7
Verna 7 5
Ma 6 4
Rushing 5 0
Speed 5 2
White Heat A 5 2
Chase 3 1
Tanker 2 3 1
Bo Creel 2 1
Mirror 2 0
Trap 2 0
Walk 2 0
White Heat B 2 1
Zuckie 2 0
Big Ed's Death 1 0
Car horn 1 0
Clues 1 0
Clues 2 1 0
Cody 2 1 0
Cody Mocks 1 0
Cody's End 1 0
Cotton's Orders 1 0
Driving 1 0
Escape 1 0
Fight 1 0
Five O'Clock Whistle 1 0
Gangsters Run 1 0
Gate 1 0
Guard Tower 1 0
Headache 1 0
Headache Subsides 1 0
Ma's Escape 1 0
Message On the Mirror 1 0
Morgue 1 0
Mysterioso 1 0
Police Raid 1 0
Prison Fight 1 0
Prison Gate 1 0
Quick Turn 1 0
Running 1 0
Signature 1 0
Sleeping 1 0
Stairs 1 0
Storm 1 0
Straitjacket 1 0
Tanker 1 0
Tanker 3 1 0
The Break 1 0
The Break 2 1 0
The City 1 0
Transition 1 0
Whispering 1 0


Falls down stairs
Gangster gets shot
Hides gun
Jumps on bed
Jumps out window
Slides down pole
Stirs the pot
Truck starts
Verna Falls