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Title: Out of the Fog [IMDb]

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Release date: June 14, 1941
Studio: Warner Brothers
Runtime: 85 minutes
IMDB genres: crime, drama, film-noir
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6814368

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Fishermen Jonah Goodwin and Olaf Johnson are confronted by gangster Harold Goff who tries to extort "boat protection" money out of the two men. Afraid to go to the law, the two men decide to take matters into their own hands after Goff falls in love with Jonah's daughter Stella.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): accidental death, arson, attempted murder, bar, based on play, beating, boat, bourbon whiskey, brooklyn new york city, cook, dancer, detective, engagement, extortion, father daughter relationship, fire, fisherman, gangster, gunfire, judge, morgue, new york city, nightclub, orchestral music score, police, police inspector, police officer, policeman, tailor, zombie cocktail, cigar

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:24:37
Music duration: 00:02:01
Pages in score: 8
Total themes: 3
Themes with variants: 1
Total variants: 5
Total gestures: 0
Total underscoring sections: 1
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:00
Total instances: 14


Name Uses Variants
Russian Barcarolle 11 5
Signature 1 0
Transition 1 0