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Title: The Life of Vergie Winters [IMDb]

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Release date: June 14, 1934
Studio: RKO
Runtime: 82 minutes
IMDB genres: drama, romance
BYU holdings: https://search.lib.byu.edu/byu/record/lee.6799354

Synopsis [hide]

John Shadwell, a promising politician, is married to Laura but is in love with Vergie Winters, a milliner from his home town. As Shadwell's political career blooms, gossip and rumors begin to cause Vergie to be shunned by the women of the town. Soon the two are constantly faced with the threat of exposure and scandal.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): actor shares first name with character, adoption, adultery, airline, bar, butler, character name in title, confession of crime, congressman, deception, divorce, election, family relationships, gunfire, horse, horse riding, illegitimacy, infidelity, lawyer, maid, milliner, murder, orchestral music score, ostracism, pardon, pilot, politician, politics, pregnancy, prison, private detective, prostitute, reputation, self sacrifice, senator, social climber, thief, wedding, world war one, wrongful arrest, gossip

Cast and Crew

Ann HardingVergie Winters
John BolesJohn Shadwell
Helen VinsonLaura Shadwell
Betty FurnessJoan Shadwell
Frank AlbertsonRanny Truesdale
Lon Chaney Jr.Hugo McQueen
Sara HadenWinnie Belle
Molly O'DaySadie
Ben AlexanderBarry Preston
Donald CrispMike Davey
Maidel TurnerElla Heenan
Cecil CunninghamPearl Turner
Wesley BarryHerbert Somerby
Edward Van SloanJim Winters
Josephine WhittellMadame Claire
Wallis ClarkMr. Preston
Edwin StanleyMr. Truesdale
Dorothy SebastianLulu

Alfred Santell: director

Max Steiner: composer

Bernhard Kaun: orchestrator

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:21:44
Music duration: 00:34:36
Pages in score: 61
Total themes: 23
Themes with variants: 8
Total variants: 40
Total gestures: 0
Total underscoring sections: 3
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:57
Total instances: 64


Name Uses Variants
Lullaby 33 29
Old Lavender 6 4
Here Comes the Bride 3 1
La Marseillaise 2 0
Stars and Stripes Forever 2 2
A Boy and a Girl 1 0
Everybody's Doing It Now 1 0
Kuckuck, Kuckuck 1 0
London Bridge is Falling Down 1 0
Over There 1 1
Watch on the Rhine 1 1
Yankee Doodle 1 0


Name Uses
Lullaby + Funeral March 2
Lullaby + Here Comes the Bride 1
Rule, Britannia! + La Marseillaise 1

Source Music

Name Uses
Funeral March 4
Darktown Strutters' Ball 1
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow 1
Ida (Sweet As Apple Cider) 1
Oh! You Beautiful Doll 1
RKO Tower 1
Rule, Britannia! 1
Semper Fidelis 1
There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight 1