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  somber   heroine   gangster   dimming   dramatic   violence   sheriff   mickey-mousing   alcohol   villain   mysterious   whispering   stinger   elderly   walking   source music   heroic   hurricane   Indians   noble   climbing   starting   standing   sputtering   jazzy   gentle   mode change   hero   car   storm   hopeful   tense   underscoring   love   gun   main theme   deception   murder   cast list   bugle call   boat   money   hotel   telephone   menacing   corpse   horror   smoking   police   pleading   on-screen music   solemn   rope   dreaming   angry   hymn   sinister   falling   tree   shooting   running   laughing   tripping   fleeing   mocking   soldier   attacking   main title   boats   bus   sultry   serious   taps   familiar tune   radio   prelude   grandmother   wind   stairs   danger   turning off   fear   triumphant   war   traveling   fanfare   Florida   dark   tossing   starring list   death   pacing   quotation   romance   kissing   triadic   shaking   dying   lying   down   throwing   spitting   syncopation   warm   light   motor   singing   whole-tone   The End   slapping   hitting   winding