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  staring   father   looking   cut from film   leading lady   tragic   dying   moll   deceiving   whispering   singing   death   hymn   leading man   angry   main theme   dock   walking   ominous   WB shield   menacing   mickey-mousing   source to score   hostage   boss   wind   hotel   stairs   nervous   somber   combination of themes   solemn   tense   underscoring   mysterious   creepy   questioning   remembering   police   memory   gangster   falling   murder   dangerous   spitting   following   on-screen text   taunting   gun   bus   threatening   heroic   violent   storytelling   conversing   telephone   preparing   scrambling   searching   agitated   noble   Indian   arguing   dark   stopping   relieved   climbing   dramatic   old woman   boat   bathing   car   awkward   romantic   smiling   deceptive resolution   stinger   sheltering   beach   desperation   rowing   shooting   setup   peaceful   observing   obeying   rolling   hurricane   raining   cast list   answering   serious   sheriff   brash   starting   tender   leaving   money   resting   gunshot   deception   running   street   realizing   watching   thinking   fear   disappointed   horror   attacking   jazzy   laughing   standing   familiar tune   light   smoking   radio   hoping   tremolo   slapping   The End   alarmed   waking   window   source music   hopeful   calling   blowing   giving   greeting   rope   gentle   motor   pleading   harsh   starring list   violence   sinister   discovering   mode change   helping   war   danger   whole-tone   warm   calming   waiting   alcohol   lying   traveling   pacing   arriving   bluesy   grandmother   storm   exciting   sputtering   sentimental   triumphant   throwing   singer   steering   determined   desperate   crying   bright   friend   dressing   denying   tripping   bold   look of horror   fanfare   protecting   opening   corpse   delicate   prelude   sultry   memorializing   crashing   love interest   hitting   hurrying   taps   pouring   villain   jazz   establish place   kissing   triadic   landing   sunlight   on-screen music   transition   sailing   bugle call   fleeing   packing   tossing   descending   mocking   obsessive   title of film   tree   blues   stumbling   announcing   chromatic mediant   romance   returning   shaking   drinking   quoting   boarding