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  on-screen music   antagonist   money   mysterious   leading man   love   soldiers   tense   romantic   traitor   leading lady   thinking   rebel   shadows   mickey-mousing   hero   folk song   headquarters   walking   protagonist   burning   bartender   crowd   police station   upset   questioning   familiar tune   street   hallway   remembering   waiting   love interest   conversing   somber   mourner   main theme   bold   informer   looking   confessing   yelling   room   patriotic music   guilt   tritone   title card   source music   courtroom   underscoring   folk-like   cheerful   placing   flashback   marching   soldier   proud   hurrying   combination of themes   singer   staring   sacred   whistling   party   american   begging   wind   sentimental   octatonic   noble   whole-tone   listening   poster   confession   calm   ostinatos   crying   spying   searching   pub   remorseful   blind man   interrogating   drunk   irish   anxious   transcribed by ear   dying   worrying   mob   scotch snap   giving   despair   serious   stairs   heroic   interrogation   judging   watching   cast list   leaving   pedal tone   bar   blowing   whispering   stepping   justice   playful   partying   hearing voices   singing   suspect   british   match   back lighting   up   accusing   drinking   dramatic   gentle   running   defending   embracing   lying   down   matching speech   suspicion   tender   arriving   violinist   comical   falling   muttering   hiding   parallelism   diminished 7ths   entering   struggling   pondering   augmented triad   excited   stumbling   agitated   love theme   hallucinating   rko tower   contemplating   arguing   escaping   playing   arresting   yearning   dark   friend   pleading   wedding   fire   tossing   dropping   prison   cry gesture   coins   religious symbolism   mobbing   eavesdropping   dripping   angry   on   dirge   neapolitan 7th   ship   minor pentatonic   interrupting   paying   fanfare   delicate   passionate   tearing   swing rhythms   whole-tone chords   panning shot   planning   happy   counting   mother   judge   anxiety   march   vision   ominous   shooting   throwing   church   nun   serving   hallucination   footsteps   sultry   celebrating   lighting   deciding   smoke   syncopation   title of film   mirroring   gun   rising   jury   bitonality   police   removing   bragging   sneaking   patriotic   seductive   fighting   sister   reassuring   stinger   dreaming   grabbing   praying   strong   clinging   angelic   determined   mourning   montage