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  tense   fog   leading man   dark   victim   count   castle   trap   falling   giving   villain   candle   stinger   knife   door   jungle   drunk   dramatic   conversing   mysterious   waiting   chasing   fleeing   servant   leading lady   horn   screaming   running   murderer   agitated   gun   boat   opening   horn call   hiding   waterfall   staring   underscoring   mickey-mousing   stumbling   fighting   preparing   ship wreck   cut from film   dog   score to source   watching   calm   jumping   walking   barking   death   shaking   prisoner   dodging   on-screen music   playing   unsettled   combination of themes   hunting   frantic   fanfare   piano   mute   source music   foreshadowing   sneaking   killing   beach   close-up   gunshot   drowning   cliff   stopping   hunter   brother   fear   closing   hopeful   shackles   shooting   flowing   swimming   neutral   capturing   crew   marching   door knocker   departing   stalking   point-of-view shot   statue   ominous   escaping   approaching   scored source music   corpse   releasing   warning   shark   river   zoom out   dying   pursuing   rising   climbing   watch   stabbing   tapestry   breaking   crocodile   arrow   trembling   looking   plotting   captain   upbeat   attacking   following   lifting   descending   recounting   entering   tricking   spear   tree   log   head   commanding   splashing   rushing   radio   waking   searching   taunting   vine   arriving   sinking   threatening   wave effect   cutting   catching   somber   friend   heroic   tumbling   shirt   RKO tower   motor effect   reacting   standing   grand   working   jump scare   collapsing   scrambling   micking mousing   struggling   ocean   water effect   zoom in   smoking   wound   knocking   transcribed by ear   convincing   listening   radio tower   biting   trembling effect   cast list   sailing   ship   rock   gentle   ascending   throwing   source to score   planning   sleeping   beeping   title of film   stairs   clock   leaping   blood   bed