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  widow   room   conversing   park   leading lady   dark   uncle   criminal   agitated   driving   main title   somber   wedding   sister   fire   leading man   pleasant   bad news   tense   mysterious   street   office   suspect   lying   waiting   victim   father   mother   expressive   love interest   on-screen music   embracing   uneasy   underscoring   turning   menacing   arriving   tender   grand   sentimental   accusing   mickey-mousing   assistant   maid   leaving   flirting   friend   source and scoring overlap   fiancĂ©   lawyer   packing   dramatic   drinking   yelling   dancing   crying   playful   sultry   stinger   departing   upbeat   police   ominous   fanfare   calm   cast list   bold   arguing   crashing   fleeing   game   contemplating   comforting   prisoner   car crash   telephone   falling   eerie   rushing   chasing   dressing   distressed   helping   solemn   artwork in score   car   manipulating   jukebox   bartender   gentle   reporting   checkers   suicide   sneaking   popular music   musical clue   brash   anxious   dying   combination of themes   note   angry   waltz   walking   source music   playing   source to score   sweet   hit and run   cut from film   yearning   kissing   familiar tune   butler   bitter   hiding   record player   running   drunk   desperate   watching   pleading   door   WB shield   noble   children's song   encouraging   sitting   window   questioning   serious   courthouse   testifying   danger   prison   denying   Latin-American   magical   outdoors   calling   delicate   title of film   reading   romantic   worker   cheerful   opening   happy   letter   proposal   tragic   emotional   chromatic mediant   confession   forest ranger   thinking   accident   mournful   remembered source music   mellow   uplifting   glaring   passionate   defending   escaping   rescuing   greeting   starring list   confessing   phone call   fragmentation   blues   hurried   investigating   hesitating   spiritual   refusing   sigh gesture   dance hall   metric dissonance   dangerous   working   transition   remembering   tritone   The End   depressed   bar   upset   headline   daughter   police station   child   plotting   newspaper