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  underscoring   parking lot   mickey-mousing   mysterious   phone call   hero   villain   stinger   death   heroine   drinking   dramatic   tense   murder   tritone   telephone   jazz   gun   shock   menacing   sinister   car   startled   walking   gunshot   courtroom   bar   dark   operator   speeding   piano   main title   sad   transition   restaurant   verdict   ominous   newspaper   prison   surprise   proposal   law   traveling   violence   cast list   nervous   chasing   priest   execution   sentence   glass   reporters   police car   door   drinking fountain   police station   punching   falling   prisoner   marriage   justice   on-screen music   police office   fanfare   bus   detective   emotional   bottle   crash   drunk   crescendo   mystery   reporter   morning   suspense   rushing   courthouse   starring list   point of view   lawyer   hopeful   fingerprints   judge   money   office   smoking   lunch   typing   source music   blackmail   sleazy   trills   typewriter   lighter   waiting   WB shield   gift   crying   head turning   love   waiter   bedroom   hospital   threat   irregular meter