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  henchman   score to source   leading man   club   conductor   proposing   source to score   stinger   on-screen music   punching   tense   leading lady   hiding   jewelry   reminiscing   widow   car   criminal   gambler   street   upbeat   comforting   stage   arguing   mickey-mousing   popular music   storytelling   conversing   murderer   police   walking   reporter   sign   dramatic   telegram   singing   kissing   ripple effect   double-cross   jumping   watch   bluesy   fighting   reporting   dying   crying   love interest   source music   tragic   manager   double exposure   escaping   performing   crowd   romantic   signaling   montage   bold   room   dancing   writing   water effect   swirling   fanfare   singer   cast list   corpse   departing   dancer   warehouse   waiting   underscoring   arriving   familiar tune   driving   poker   station   stumbling   voice-over   waiter   croupier   revenge   wife   police station   mysterious   ominous   transition   murder   embracing   piano   telephone   applauding   whistling   dark   WB shield   victim   photograph   gun   working   death   starring list   chasing   owner   heavy   playing   preparing   source and scoring overlap   yelling   self-defense   gentle   letter   celebrating   sister   uneasy   passionate   floozy   husband   shooting   newspaper   sneaking   sneaky   running   chromatic mediant   sentimental   main title   announcing   boxing ring   casino   cards   calling   grand   balcony   watching   racing   neutral   hurrying   witness   radio   crew   photographer   classical music   burning   roulette   headline   gambling   gunshot   searching   reacting   typing   title of film   riding   bar   racetrack   rushing   The End   bugle call   slapping   simulated source music   somber   water   theater   cheery   journalist   record player   capturing   cradling   falling   flowing   observing   excited   reading   musician   beach   jazz   agitated   performer   radio effect   remembered source music   restaurant   fire effect   confronting   eating   flashback   leaving   signature   turbulent   jockey   panning shot