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  on-screen music   mother   street   scored source music   leading man   transcribed by ear   dancing   sequential modulation   newspaper   whole-tone chord   love interest   dreaming   headline   octatonic   cut from film   augmented sixth chord   cheerful   room   conversing   fighting   singing   lovers   source music   altered dominant   fragmentation   seductive   comforting   hectic   dark   half-diminished 7th chord   whistling   AABA structure   stinger   ominous   conductor score   ostinato   applauding   common-tone diminished 7th   spinning   pc set   mode mixture   train   source to score   humming   dream sequence   somber   frantic   arguing   upbeat   added-note chord   calm   common-chord modulation   waltz   chromatic sequence   joyful   tragic   murderer   9th chord   double exposure   mysterious   dance hall   score to source   happy   praying   drunk   sentence form   leaving   combination of themes   kissing   gentle   tense   thematic transformation   friend   chromatic mediant   11th chord   ABAC structure   chromatic parallelism   augmentation   walking   nervous   detective   Dixieland   comical   quartal chord   bluesy   diminished 7th chord   turbulent   common-tone dominant 7th   ABA structure   source and scoring overlap   linear chromaticism   radio tower   mickey-mousing   whole-tone scale   sequence   pedal tone   grandmother   romantic   da capo   parallel double period   crying   whole-tone   ticking   classical music   hallway   angry   cast list   leading lady   police   ternary form   radio   lounging   dramatic   triumphant   snuggling   chromatic scale   beeping   gun   arresting   prisoner   plagal cadence   flashback   enharmonic modulation   religious   bold   minor-major 7th chord   arriving   foreign key modulation   traveling   explosion   waiting   drinking   jail   lazy   underscoring   priest   eating   augmented triad   student   laughing   solemn   title of film   old man   card   reciting   dissonant bass   RKO tower   meter change   sacred   clock   preaching   entering   fanfare   peaceful   parallelism