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  antagonist   conductor score   wandering   dramatic   conversing   investigator   inspector   dark   underscoring   falling   leaving   dying   betraying   jumping   gun   slapping   agitated   room   gangster   gentle   leading man   swimming   dock   wife   walking   somber   porch   source score   ominous   brash   death   tense   pianist   fighting   club   floozy   friend   strangling   fearful   boat   street   leading lady   romantic   harsh   sinister   cut from film   mickey-mousing   church   menacing   religious   police   tender   caring   drowning   love interest   arriving   source music   hurried   down   running   neutral   hiding   upset   shooting   statue   headline   sentimental   newspaper   departing   singer   gunshot   witness   comical   waking   upbeat   threatening   murdering   calling   packing   pacing   worrying   office   detective   embracing   fanfare   familiar tune   montage   gate   on-screen music   calm   comforting   police station   sneaking   cast list   mellow   prison   tragic   murder   arguing   pleasant   mysterious   tritone   thanking   uneasy   water   starring list   raising   plotting   serious   angry   not in score   transcribed by ear   punching   driving   child   descending   jazz   violence   stinger   entering   splashing   waiting   lifting   yelling   cleaning   body   singing   battle call   hurrying   warning   title of film   picking up   dancer   popular music   fleeing   aiming   on screen music   suicide   questioning   troubled   playing   heroic   lyrical   following   diving   thinking   preparing   source to score   lying   priest   kidnapping   father   disappointed   murderer   peaceful   twitching   grand   dancing   interrogating   bold   cheerful   up   crying   typing   funeral   kissing   noble   shock   climbing   discovering   looking   escaping   jazz band   rushing