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  diminished 7th chord   café   leading lady   chromatic parallelism   leading man   source to score   self-borrowing   romantic   staggering   drunk   street   driving   arguing   politician   dramatic   conversing   cut from film   police station   wife   pondering   commanding   room   husband   sheriff   source music   blues   porch   breaking   police   waitress   source and scoring overlap   arriving   romance   slamming   fanfare   club   gunshot   dark   ominous   crying   foreign key modulation   sequence   tragic   cast list   voice-over   popular music   pedal tone   happy   tense   love interest   bluesy   on-screen music   musician   newspaper   carnival   embracing   telephone   sentimental   major 7th chord   gun   walking   somber   struggling   noble   added-note chord   13th chord   bullying   kissing   polychord   countermelody   chromatic wedge   carny   Mixolydian mode   gentle   violent   brooding   yearning   car   mysterious   mode mixture   stumbling   9th chord   employer   pausing   townsfolk   ostinato   anxious   augmentation   smashing   calling   train   exotic   glass   whole-tone chord   friend   leaving   comical   prison   combination of themes   Picardy third   maid   mob   angry   book cover   tea   headline   fiancée   singer   dropping   AABA structure   threatening   singing   coworker   whole-tone scale   chromatic mediant   reading   working   chromatic sequence   common-chord modulation   reacting   flirting   reuniting   death   traveling   fighting   parallelism   11th chord   The End   chromatic scale   suicide   tritone   firing   confessing   rising   title of film   arresting   newspaper editor   descending   breaking up   hurrying   prisoner   appoggiatura   mickey-mousing   linear chromaticism   tone cluster   reverse picardy   agitated   dancing   polyrhythm   drinking   half-diminished 7th chord   playing   setup   upbeat   warm   discovering   door   falling   dancer   thematic transference   secondary dominant   eating   sinister   leady lady   fragmentation   parallel period   gambling   inversion   delicate   artwork in score   sweet   montage   mobbing   radio   lying   WB shield   foreshadowing   dominant 7th chord   simulated source music   rushed   retrograde   altered dominant   zoom in   underscoring   restaurant   hopeful   lake   surprising   Gershwinesque   alcohol   throwing   announcing   turbulent   splashing   serving   Gypsy minor scale   joyous   parallel double period   lawyer   distortion   close up   peaceful   deceptive resolution   waiting   window   common-tone diminished 7th chord   quartal chord   stinger   ringing   demanding   office   quintal chord   menacing   busy   pentatonic   dining   oscillation   attacking   minor-major 7th chord   distressed   sultry   telegram   augmented triad   pushing   starring list   playful   plotting   motivic transformation   flirty   giving   entering   pc set   lonely   dominant pedal   pleasant   sinking   train station   harmonic sequence   standing   common-tone diminished 7th   sign   triumphant   bold   anger   uneasy   tender   surprise   9th chords   worker   love   ABAC structure   blue note   dying   receiving   noticing   augmented sixth chord   deceiving   sigh gesture   accusing   staring   passionate   grumbling   graceful   courthouse   light