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  murder   uphill   source music   investigation   FBI   hero   mickey-mousing   walking   mother   siren   working   subtle   rushing   anxiety   joy   tree   agent   on-screen music   underscoring   escaping   airport   KKK   concerned   march   chasing   rain   child   time bomb   German   dramatic   arrest   comical   familiar tune   machine   popular music   romance   mobster   gangster   street   attacking   suspense   broken glass   gunshot   Spanish music   music box   tin can   sentimental   singing   radio   plain   downhill   organ   communist   traveling   heroine   truck   donkey   closing credits   tense   zoo   scolding   down   eggs   map   record player   combination of themes   Easter   restaurant   kissing   birds   piano   departure   sweet   up   wreckage   interview   innocent   plane   march-like   taps   flying   insurance   death   feet   plane engine   car   telephone   explosion   FBI: agent   weeping   hurrying   starring list   voice-over   train   stride piano   speeding   lab   Christmas   climbing   mysterious   ticking   hat   mailroom   record   surprise   noble   beanie   metal   surveillance   yard   honeymoon   bridge   newspaper   lyrical   hiding   emotional   sermon   cemetery   running   mourning   playful   dropping   prayer   heaven   bomb   park   love   warehouse   church   somber   dark   letter   puddle   door   angelic   braking   badge   tritone   hee-haw   patriotic tune   rye   city   heroic   message   gun   university   snow   embrace   classical music   field   horse   undercover   lullaby   telegram   bold   following   contemplation   cigar   victory   hunting   playing   Indian   lighting   driving   galloping   crying   cast list   announcement   goodbye   text painting   office   patriotic   South America   strolling   oriental music   menacing   printing press   WB shield   bitonality   oscillation   syrupy   crest   proposal   war   fire   waiting   police   soldier   garden   wind   relieved   sad   backing up   factory   agitated   spring   picture   baby   firearm   fanfare   main title   conveyer belt   pharmacist   disaster   water   memory   couch   takeoff   motoric   worker   mud   sneaking   tossing   Washington DC   taxi   disagreement   memorial   joyful   descending tetrachord   glissando   drone   mournful   Japanese   news   tent   death gesture   military   family   marine   Jewish   faithful   worry   swerving   sitting   microfilm