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  fanfare   hero   violence   headline   glass   gangster   appoggiatura   prison   closing credits   artwork in score   montage   military band   leading man   girlfriend   clock   tragic   chromatic parallelism   altered dominant   dissonant bass   common-tone diminished 7th   crowd   main title   augmentation   solemn   mickey-mousing   murder   gun   source music   noble   police   9th chord   crashing   street   minor second   knife   walking   prisoner   bottle   justice   waiting   reading   yelling   underscoring   zooming   gavel   anxious   dramatic   sigh gesture   diminished 7th chord   judge   arriving   car crash   creeping   linear chromaticism   mysterious   starring list   reporter   courtroom   ABAB structure   dark   car   leading lady   tender   confused   hopeful   running   sequence   added-note chord   fragmentation   optimistic   The End   match   Neapolitan   newspaper   watching   gentle   ticking   on-screen music   chromatic scale   whole-tone   freedom   whole-tone chord   title of film   peaceful   dying   reverse picardy   lawyer   cast list   self-borrowing   setup   sneaking   attacking   injury   despair   bleak   parallelism   bold   pedal tone   jaunty   murdering   pacing   lighting   friend   newspaper office   half-diminished 7th chord   polychord   mother   entering   pc set   crazed   parallel double period   countermelody   kidnapping   chromatic mediant   augmented triad   close-up   shaking   orchestra   embracing   tone cluster   11th chord   film music   patriotic   banging   letter   falling   panning shot   accusing   tense   frantic   metric dissonance   movie   sign   fire   passionate   pushing   verdict   pizzicato   breaking   foreign key modulation   WB shield   transition   goodbye   explosion   handcuffs   calendar   chromatic sequence