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  romantic   intervallic expansion   ominous   jailer   shopkeeper   hero   road   villain   hopeful   newspaper editor   tense   dark   heroine   quotation   underscoring   mysterious   cut from film   sweet   on-screen music   running   happy   city   traveling   barn   car horn   triumphant   dramatic   shop   agitated   falling   pensive   arguing   milk   popular song   hospital   delicate   popular tune   parallelism   mickey-mousing   chromatic mediant   main title   heroic   tired   cow   comical   source music   inversion   concerned   love   jail   prison   fearful   turning   romance   stinger   transition   train whistle   theater   danger   street   devotion   dissonant   sequence   excited   fighting   reporter   pedal tone   bank   warden   somber   sincere   radio   newspaper boy   drunk   joyful   truck   peaceful   loving   walking   gentle   bribe   alarm   title of film   climax   suspense   augmented triad   newspaper   hook   embracing   montage   gunshot   kind   headlines   thankful   whistling   injustice   end credits   octatonic   alley   confused   anxious   printing press   fanfare   gangster   train   marriage   car   familiar tune   robbery   obsessive   frantic   courthouse   confession   down   fragmentation   yelling   home   laughing   diner   whole-tone chord   slapping   sign   drone   Jewish   punching   resting   cheerful   escaping   Rimsky-Korsakov   march   suspenseful   room   calm   dark room   hiding   tender   cast list   buzzy   WB shield   marching   train station   photography   tragic   polytonality   glass   blues   oppressive   headlights   pc set   mooing   bright   death   police   gun   expectant   courtroom   denial   distortion   playful   leaving   cop   office   milkman   waiting   siren   clock   hat   mode mixture   fleeing   up   selling   money   dreaming   singing   fear   pleading   concern   hitch-hiking   kissing   deceptive resolution   relieved   stairs   pizzicato   arriving   exciting   map   9th chord   working   crashing   settling down   hiccuping   linear chromaticism