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  conversing   patient   underscoring   blackmail   mysterious   bold   operating   AABA structure   title of film   doctor   tense   manager   chromatic parallelism   gangster   diving   operating room   parallelism   newspaper   arguing   deceptive resolution   reacting   augmented triad   car   office   surgery   nurse   street   room   maid   laughing   dramatic   half-diminished 7th chord   aunt   pool   reading   whole-tone chord   embracing   swimming   combination of themes   departing   driving   actress   common-chord modulation   walking   pedal tone   mother   source music   arriving   swimmer   kissing   RKO tower   chromatic scale   crowd   stinger   sentimental   fiancée   mellow   waiting   sultry   whole-tone   radio tower   foreign key modulation   upbeat   cast list   transcribed by ear   headline   criminal   sequence   fanfare   diminished 7th chord   fiancé   ABAB structure   lyrical   smoking   proposal