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  searching   street   tense   leading lady   fugitive   love interest   leading man   lightning   construction site   father   packing   arguing   convict   apologizing   rushing   forest   calm   dark   conversing   kissing   sneaking effect   police   restless effect   hopeful   cabin   delicate   leaving   underscoring   uneasy   running   hesitant   car   mother   walking   room   angry   crying   serving   afraid   upbeat   dramatic   mysterious   wind   anxious   somber   boss   mellow   wind effect   arriving   mickey-mousing   barn   storytelling   thunder   dog   tender   turning   worker   explosion   upset   story   chasing   watching   gentle   sneaking   hiding   death   ethereal   pleading   dance-like   embracing   conflicted   cards   sweet   drunk   porch   injury   waiting   anxiety   peaceful   stinger   storm   triumphant   manhunt   worrying   cheerful   dying   threatening   escaping   drinking   working   listening   reuniting   farmhouse   cut from film   attacking   WB shield   barnyard   fleeing   cooking   driving   passionate   timid   waking   swimming   calling   climbing   jumping   comforting   playing   slapping   violence   begging   cast list   singing   hesitating   finding   rolling   title of film   eavesdropping   falling   descending   pumping   ominous   opening   sheriff   yard   march   meeting   past   shooting   hoping   romantic   returning   gun   memory   combination of themes   retreating   transcribed by ear   bright   destroying   establish place   reading   kitchen   starring list   guard   The End   exciting   worry   earthquake   agitated   frantic   rushing effect   worried   yelling   silhouette   magical   loading   fanfare   dressing   exploding   punching   worrying effect   evidence   staring   reacting   fighting   cleaning   stumbling   relaxed   swerving   crew   sunrise effect   laughing   lying   lonely   serious   restlessness   friendly   noble   stairs   mocking   looking   dropping   squirrel   scolding   end cast   main title   bold   anxious effect   rushed   sentimental   planning   waves   fierce   fear   joyous   happy   crashing   shaking   gunfight