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  female   emergency   funereal   main theme   sultry   traveling   ocean   waltz   somber   hurrying   injury   nighttime   Gershwinesque   rushing   male lead   repentance   truck   gun   folk-like   laughing   frustration   newspaper   dark   fanfare   cabbie   phone call   Italy   death   source music   gentle   deception   joyful   ethnic   menacing   driving   crying   romance   upstairs   writing   rising   up   on screen music   mournful   detective   letter   glorious   love   surprise   horror   tense   stinger   underscoring   elegant   mickey-mousing   turning on   dancing   chasing   peaceful   jazz   radio   candle   sigh gesture   stock tip   argument   danger   patriotic   car   church bell   coffee shop   poison   mother   strumming   suspense   notepad   stairs   RKO logo   restaurant   main title   refusal   money   clock   dramatic   violence   Broadway   fighting   confession   tender   full   hopeful   march   note   waking up   pleading   boat   triumphant   angry   lyrical   plane   Czechoslavakian   tired   sign   marquee   stock market   sweet   running   shooting   America   defeat   humor   worry   garden   landing   proposal   lamp   accident   train station   sad   scripture   dinner   murder   determined   apotheosis   redemption   Spanish guitar rhythms   phone call, death   plotting   thinking   plan   down   slow   stock ticker   uncertainty   lost love   taxi   machine-like   honor   finale   light   threatening   bible   jumping   suicide   bedroom   Gershwin