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  thief   walking   alarm   gangster   tense   store   Irish   dissonant bass   anxious   annoyance   sign   criminal   double-cross   split-third chord   chromatic parallelism   waking   linear chromaticism   flame   running   42 chord   stairs   leading man   9th chord   headlines   pedal tone   obsessive   dramatic   chromatic scale   doctor   rising   title of film   rooftop   studio   investigating   combination of themes   fragmentation   neutral   ostinato   mickey-mousing   crime   hero   whole-tone   guard   poison   closing credits   murderer   underscoring   ordering   dark   singing   leading lady   torch   downstairs   added-note chord   exciting   source music   flashlight   lobby   descending   nervous   mysterious   antagonist   fire   preparing   searching   half-diminished 7th chord   tossing   cutting   darkness   suspenseful   motor   police   murdering   vault   murder   crossing   altered dominant   corpse   triadic transformation   diminished 7th chord   whirling   office   plagal cadence   calm   burning   plotting   pc set   parallelism   panicking   struggling   sneaky   main title   beaker   stealing   pounding   safe   room   yelling   crawling   anger   augmented major 7th chord   sequence   playful   trapping   layering   drugs   oscillation   bubbling   step modulation   enharmonic modulation   mortician   temperature   64 chord   quartal chord   whole-tone chord   scored source music   radio   tritone   working   rescuing   arguing   pianist   commanding   leaving   wedge   polychord   death   spinning   spiraling   truck   conversing   jaunty   struggle   on-screen music   examining   light   ominous   WB shield   crowd   turning off   chromatic mediant   dissonant   lowering   attacking   singer   cut from film   common-tone diminished 7th   mug shot   pleading   comical   morgue   opening   ascending   newspaper   13th chord   down   punching   gauge   moll   violence   dreaming   street   poisoning   augmented sixth chord   knocking   foreign key modulation   sneaking   telephone   sparks   fingerprints   breaking in   diminution   fanfare   parallel double period   lying   bold   shining   machine   playing   ethereal   safe-cracking   parallel fifths   whistling   printing press   turning on   escaping   Mozart   dancing   dancer   unlocking   angry   hurrying   carrying   mode mixture   cast list   Gershwinesque   dying   metric dissonance   dance music   tone cluster   quarreling   panning shot   starring list   montage   subtle   operator   folk song   warming up   blur   shadow   exiting   listening   up   lighting   lock   fighting   door   record player   tender   keys   sinister   journal   stinger   realizing   reporting   arm   falling   bag   lamp