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  comical   tense   room   shopkeeper   teenager   leading man   reformatory   gang   boiler room   warden   looking   running   frantic   arguing   exercising   tone cluster   mickey-mousing   threatening   underscoring   temperature   anguished   drunk   up   jumping   leading lady   hero   courthouse   whispering   shoveling   police   teasing   sneaking   down   lightning   protecting   window   judge   main title   worrying   sneaky   anxious   caring   battle call   hammering   phone call   unveiling   light   closing   kicking   escaping   mysterious   knocking   yelling   danger   upbeat   parallelism   slapping   kitchen   jogging   cooking   descending   hurrying   dragging   not by Steiner   source music   mechanical   crying   dramatic   optimistic   working   hospital   barbed wire fence   heat   capturing   painting   paintbrush   setting   gauge   fanfare   searching   attacking   searchlight   on screen music   noble   street   playful   calm   rushing   fleeing   gun   stairs   whistle   cut from film   laughing   begging   somber   arresting   peaceful   hiding   stick up   ascending   falling   throwing   wondering   explosion   closing credits   opening   walking   triumphant   thinking   The End   blowing   worker   rising   dark   traveling   bluesy   Gershwinesque   fighting   conversing   breaking in   heroine   stinger   wounded   dissonant   heroic   cheerful   chasing   authority   splashing   peeking   uncovering   whipping   evil   building   slipping   fun   fragmentation   whole-tone   keys   exercising music   antagonist   whip   tossing   fear   ominous   title of film   exploding   mental breakdown   swing   sounding   treating   statue   alarm   doctor   violence   swinging   accident   shop   chromatic   insanity   curtain   gentle   police car   interruption   auctioning   destruction   blues   worried   paint   anger   happy   whistling   pants   plotting   starring list   sister   marching   tender   watching   dropping   entering   WB shield   see-saw   standing   cast list   agitated   concern   ladder   pain   on-screen music   smoke   fire   struggling   leaving   showman   bold   announcing   spots   climbing   alcohol   mug shot   saving   collapsing   car   nurse   drinking   telephone   troubled   resolution   hearing voices   coal   turning on   dining   death   lying   singing   parting   sound mass