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  piano   street   The End   blackmail   detective   parallel double period   bus   source music   marquee   tango   RKO tower   room   cast list   transcribed by ear   conversing   on-screen music   music box   augmented sixth chord   hurried   added-note chord   traveling   chromatic parallelism   Neapolitan   bold   leading man   sentimental   theater   exotic   criminal   restaurant   lighthearted   mode mixture   walking   score to source   upbeat   blackmailing   radio   foreign key modulation   phonograph   calm   leading lady   countermelody   syncopation   cheerful   suspect   playing   murderer   dancer   tired   altered dominant   fragmentation   mickey-mousing   ABAC structure   suspension   AABA structure   threatening   waiting   triumphant   rushing   beeping   producer   pedal tone   mysterious   chromatic scale   pit orchestra   dancing   title of film   energetic   inspector   parallelism   starring list   radio tower   linear chromaticism