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  calm   gentle   noble   leading man   fugitive   source music   9th chord   radio tower   wandering   leading lady   piano   casino   triumphant   transcribed by ear   whole-tone scale   conversing   sentimental   leaving   dark   secondary dominant   The End   waltz   boat   mansion   playing   train   daughter   detective   pleasant   cast list   frantic   sleeping   sequence   nocturne   title of film   prisoner   establish place   child   popular music   on-screen music   gambling   radio   montage   traveling   upbeat   escaping   room   serious   beeping   score to source   mode mixture   roulette wheel   parallelism   fanfare   gambler   pedal tone   RKO tower   humming   starring list   beach   searching   arriving   love interest   chromatic sequence   walking   bold   AABA structure   common-tone diminished 7th   luggage   ex-wife   augmented triad