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  source music   9th chord   modeling   beauty contestant   pageant   bar   racing   fiancĂ©   leading man   common-tone diminished 7th   augmented sixth chord   title of film   reused recording   AABA structure   radio announcer   split screen   conversing   beeping   leading lady   transcribed by ear   calm   radio tower   announcing   pleasant   excited   sequence   parallelism   tuning   reporter   RKO tower   cheerful   parallel double period   pedal tone   restaurant   film staff   augmented triad   poster   parallel period   kaleidoscope effect   on-screen music   added-note chord   drunk   photographer   upbeat   march   mysterious   filming   diminished 7th chord   video cast list   romantic   car   ABAA structure   business man   The End   camera lens   chromatic parallelism   mode mixture   boat   cast list   street   plane