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  transcribed by ear   train whistle   exotic   letter   quintal chord   fortune teller   upbeat   combination of themes   dark   suicide   somber   fate   dying   9th chord   mysterious   leading lady   performer   dramatic   antagonist   The End   murderer   newspaper   book   kissing   predicting   room   cousin   destroying   headline   murdering   circus   waltz   suspension   tense   pedal tone   horoscope   gunshot   conversing   exoticism   love interest   swami   Gypsy major scale   cast list   title of film   march-like   half-diminished 7th chord   double exposure   accented dissonance   train   forging   rushing   establish place   whole-tone chord   chromatic scale   stabbing   gun   self-borrowing   agitated   victim   hypnotic   trapeze   on-screen music   stinger   circus music   source music   entering   romantic   fortune   arguing   jumping   pc set   mickey-mousing   ostinato   performing   embracing   traveling   ABA structure   tragic   chromatic mediant   relative key   secondary dominant   tearing   AB structure   common-tone diminished 7th   sleeping   screaming   swinging   chromaticism   funereal   knife   mode mixture   reading   murder   gentle   parallelism   sorting   appoggiatura   seductive   chromatic parallelism   calm   common-chord modulation   husband   destiny   whole-tone   fear   funeral march   piano   violent   diminished 7th chord   preparing   Aeolian mode   friend   hypnotizing   signing   augmented sixth chord   underscoring   beeping   harmonic sequence   crying   sentence form   radio tower   playing   RKO tower   committing suicide   Neapolitan   falling   psychology