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  calm   doctor   conductor score   leading man   on-screen music   crowd   cast list   drunk   sailor   conversing   watching   folk music   tender   bar   source music   boat   criminal   leading lady   pleasant   art song   harbor   race track   child   starring list   sweet   wife   flirting   carrying   jukebox   arguing   street   dancing   floozy   crying   ethereal   gambling   not by Steiner   walking   bartender   mixed meter   horse   working   musician   mellow   cut from film   friend   tense   fisherman   somber   neighbor   yard   docking   upbeat   arriving   performing   leaving   humming   spiritual-like   serenading   bird   departing   comforting   singing   restaurant   boating   room   gentle   whispering   planning   fishing   triumphant   tango   selling   salesperson   title of film