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  criminal   leading lady   mickey-mousing   room   cousin   funeral   friend   butler   victim   sleeping   harpsichord   embracing   Renaissance music   child   arriving   dark   agitated   leading man   sneaking   illness   book   combination of themes   conversing   servant   helping   shuffling   playing   hypnotist   gentle   key   asylum   prisoner   father   grand   happy   wife   antagonist   garden   murderer   cemetery   escaping   hiding   tense   ominous   cut from film   working   smoking   dramatic   somber   pushing   love interest   mysterious   mansion   stinger   fiancĂ©   worker   forest   superimposed shot   departing   voice-over   madness   menacing   necklace   spy   patient   husband   warm   underscoring   shrill   comical   walking   watching   church   tender   death   calm   doctor   kissing   fanfare   running   shadow   screaming   pain   leaving   street   plotting   bad news   spying   headache   punching   on screen music   hypnotizing   arguing   tremolo   snooping   thinking   aching   nurse   anger   light   hypnosis   carriage   eating   establish place   foreshadowing   cheerful   dropping   staring   knife   romantic   searching   singing   serious   magical   lyrical   reading   fighting   starring list   appearing   rushing   noble   family   dying   secret passageway   romance   point-of-view shot   waltz   revenge   newspaper   falling   headline   struggling   refined   surprise   asking   on-screen music   storm   hurried   waiting   murder   pacing   nursery rhyme   listening   following   thematic transference   bold   accompanied source music   greeting   hitting   mourning   directions   passionate   magical effect   whispering   angry   wandering   shock   lightning   title of film   train station   transcribed by ear   stabbing   establish time   illness effect   traveling   train   instrument effect   startled   yard   confining   The End   violent   murdering   remembering   source music   montage   transition   lighting change   heartbroken   eavesdropping   monkey   rising   glaring   cigarette   cast list   journal   surprising   time lapse   argument   dressing   recovery   recovering   hurrying   distressed   reacting   crying   folk music   note   hearing voices   mother   WB shield   locking   priest   calling   crowd   shaking   maid   writing