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  danger   running   agent   radio   headache   underscoring   gunshot   falling   chasing   gangster   mirror   pursuing   dark   car   steam   window   spying   speeding   dramatic   fanfare   verdict   march   tense   statue   mysterious   prison   gun   pain   fire   factory   escaping   police   clue   up   train   transition   attacking   gauge   mickey-mousing   newspaper   city   death   main title   tanker   antenna   pole   mother   truck   morgue   ominous   awkward   washroom   gate   writing   courtroom   rushing   explosion   kissing   fighting   stairs   violence   noble   sleeping   honking   hurrying   tension   downstairs   raid   mocking   female   jumping   strirring   plotting   stinger   driving   bathroom   gas station   discovery   down   kicking   arguing   memory   walking   suspense   drone   menacing   angry   gum   radio signal   combination of themes   searchlights   oscillator   punching   robbery   photograph   heroic   message   money   murder   machine   family   waltz   authority   drive-in theater   sneaking   cooking   dial   death mask   sneaky   storm   cast list   bedroom   betrayal   glance   searching   judge   hiding   trap   cop   brash   somber   map   funny   hat   rifle   sliding   planning   wind   straitjacket   waking up   burning   starring list   beans   villain   food   horn   source music   rolling   turning   starting   whispering   tear gas   listening