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  hero   German   folk song   prison   familiar tune   telling a story   mode mixture   heroine   foreign key modulation   playing   underscoring   chromatic scale   conversing   leaving   gentle   classical music   tuning   9th chord   Wagner   wife   room   fragmentation   perfect authentic cadence   home   source music   lyrical   quotation   antagonist   11th chord   sequence   parallelism   dark   pentatonic   dissonant bass   child   Haydn   tone cluster   violin   tense   doctor   sad   The End   comforting   augmented sixth chord   countermelody   64 chord   romantic   stinger   on-screen music   sweet   announcing   calm   phrase extension   pedal tone   warm   main title   mickey-mousing   upset   tragic   common-chord modulation   foreshadowing   metric dissonance   boy   parallel fifths   chromatic parallelism   chromatic mediant   father   greeting   sign   dramatic   nagging   Rubinstein   neutral   bold   somber   added-note chord   hushed   office   playful   patriotic   deceptive resolution   suspension   augmentation   march   ominous   augmented triad   mother   title of film   horse   running   England   dream-like   street   war   diminished 7th chord   window   sigh gesture   parallel period   arresting   plagal cadence   back and forth   whole-tone chord   rock   death   happy   throwing   sinister   down   main theme   delicate   singing   step modulation   train station   grand   riot   working   gossiping   half-diminished 7th chord   lifting   birds   British   carousel   galloping   joyful   peaceful   whistling   jumping   source to score   anticipation   Mozart   cast list   cook   common-tone modulation   shop   evaded cadence   execution   whole-tone   helping   crowd   rioting   carriage   13th chord   score to source   French   glissando   cheerful   angry   carnival   chaotic   altered dominant   parallel 63s   confused   common-tone diminished 7th   linear chromaticism   walking   appoggiatura   cat   ABAC structure   pastoral   tender   murder   imagination   hugging   lighting   piano   concert   eerie   fanfare   mode change   layering   testifying   cut from film   dominant 7th chord   passionate   imagining   subtle   chromatic sequence   comical   sour   mysterious   kindness   arrest   scolding   downstairs   agitated   realizing   realization   innocent   WB shield   park   choral singing   traveling   allergies   card   remembered source music   combination of themes   Strauss   verdict   hymn-like   husband   sentence form   courtroom   closing credits   drone   hopeful   secondary dominant   exoticism   love   triadic transformation   setting   garden   first kiss   AABC structure   news   harmonic sequence   dissonant   fainting   amusement park   diminution   promise   falling   spinning   sentencing   friendly   thinking   polychord   transcribed by ear   crying   bicycle   guard   police   hurrying   watching   mob   reverse picardy   tritone   sentimental   name of film   bright   starring list   inversion   candle   octatonic scale   barcarolle   sneaking   kissing   goodnight   lullaby   spying   reveal   waiting   London   optimistic   positive   Schubert   scored source music   minor-major 7th chord