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  lawyer   angry   sad   street   heartbroken   antagonist   crowd   underscoring   leading lady   driving   calm   monophonic   husband   ostinato   newspaper   walking   tense   trolley   intense   polytonality   fanfare   hurrying   zoom in   widow   slamming   source music   friend   peaceful   dramatic   victim   worrying   Beverly Hills   sinister   house   shadow   dialing   ominous   office   on-screen music   shop   serious   phone call   pc set   courtroom   room   spinning   minor-major 7th chord   restaurant   starring list   somber   law office   syncopation   tender   sequential modulation   dark   reading   panicking   montage   exiting   distressed   shopkeeper   mirroring   altered dominant   pedal tone   voice-over   sign   resolution   panicked   foreshadowing   rushing   arriving   fighting   police station   car   plagal cadence   obsession   deceptive resolution   comforting   witness   park   door   WB shield   upbeat   tritone   heroic   main title   conversing   stinger   maid   mode change   danger   sister   threatening   wife   thinking   arguing   party   realizing   prosecuting   traveling   testifying   cheerful   plotting   waiting   staring   working   dirge   radio   half-diminished 7th chord   suspenseful   knife   running   criminal   title of film   augmented sixth chord   comfort   polychord   quartal chord   surprise   panning shot   statue   mickey-mousing   revealing   forlorn   saleswoman   menacing   attacking   closing credits   joyful   jazz   triumphant   time card   romantic   comical   meandering   glorious   screaming   hotel   cut from film   mode mixture   hopeful   reporter   fearful   turbulent   graceful   newspaper boy   whole-tone   prosecutor   fear   cast list   unveiling   blackmail