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  room   on-screen music   unsettling   murderer   leading lady   leading man   dancer   cabin   somber   love interest   arguing   trial   doctor   walking   machinery effect   bleak   hotel   noble   fever   madness   victim   contemplating   cut from film   train station   porch   cafe   tense   friend   agitated   singing   calm   voice-over   dramatic   familiar tune   wife   husband   expressive   yard   dark   conversing   title card   watching   mickey-mousing   cheerful   drinking   child   sickness   solemn   canyon   train   yelling   source music   maid   mysterious   lunging   angry   waking   collapsing   bright   street   stairs   drunk effect   falling   reacting   sitting   running   tragic   musician   combination of themes   car   popular tune   sulking   upbeat   underscoring   ominous   runaway   thinking   shrill   whistle effect   arriving   sawmill   departing   dancing   jazz   courtroom   dying   resting   train effect   city   anger   sneaking   machinery   hurrying   gentle   sultry   neighbor   jealousy   factory   pounding   restlessness   crazed   bus   rushed   obsessive   cleaning   threatening   cliff   sentimental   raising   obsession   manic   house   proposal   mourner   religious   upset   recovering   telephone effect   fish   alternate music   waltz   industrious   crying   working   party   folk music   aiming   tender   waiting   calling   smiling   smoking   stumbling   drunk   accompanied dialogue   driving   telephone   listening   binoculars   square dance music   harsh   countryside   mad   square dance caller   kitchen   stranger   running away   verdict   crazy person   score to source   crowd   optimistic   patient   eerie   fire   warning   shooting   crumpling   mail   forest   worrisome   cast list   sleeping   rushing   canoe   key   stinger   excited   healing   playing   club   rowing   bicycle   comical   reading   starring list   eating   descending   post office   checking   climbing   coat   delirious   flashback   frantic   dressing   rain   grabbing   riding   receptionist   whistle   oppressive   sewing   plotting   staring   porcupine   bedroom   office   liquor   phone book   money   jumping   opening   stealing   desperate   hope   fleeing   disguise   steam whistle   title of film   mourning   waitress   looking   violent   graveyard   hurried   traveling   sweating   turbulent   outside   scaring   lake   panning shot   death   obeying   sickness effect   hitting   banging   helping   observing   mother   hunting   audible thoughts   source and scoring overlap   passage of time   bicycle effect   casket   bouncer   standing   WB shield   townsfolk   flower   tuning   cake   laughing   warm   hopeful   pushing   kissing   writing   exotic   wind   juror   pouring   preparing   fishing