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  chromatic mediant   revealing   9th chord   child   common-chord modulation   proposal   suspect   love interest   crying   half-diminished 7th chord   patriotic tune   direct modulation   reunion   diminished 7th chord   mother   daughter   combination of themes   peaceful   leading man   leaving   patriotic   street   64 chord   hoping   somber   altered dominant   foreign key modulation   secret   leading lady   octatonic scale   pedal tone   plagal cadence   outside   reassuring   conversing   secret lover   husband   wife   calm   confident   romantic   dancing   cut from film   brass band   celebrating   lullaby   mode mixture   transcribed by ear   familiar tune   gentle   wedding   fragmentation   13th chord   establish time   harmonic sequence   popular song   walking   deceiving   upbeat   headline   serious   room   lying   playing   ragtime   deceptive resolution   chromatic parallelism   funeral march   starring list   source music   added-note chord   shop   dissonant bass   sentimental   crowd   reverse picardy   title of film   triumphant   surprise   prison   light   soldier   beeping   politician   secret love   common-tone diminished 7th   listening   dark   timid   bold   AABA structure   bar   prisoner   arguing   performer   parallel 63s   watching   classical music   agitated   entering   groom   business man   park   stinger   proposing   wipe   tense   mode change   cheering   secondary dominant   nurse   flashback   redemption   driving   double exposure   optimistic   embracing   waiting   meeting   newspaper   quintal chord   sequence   sigh gesture   passionate   cheerful   source to score   score to source   tender   rally   longing   horse   ternary form   children's song   friend   deflecting   distortion   march   hesitating   hospital   on-screen music   riding   playful   marching   wedding music   establish place   polytonality   countermelody   happy   radio tower   pondering   parallelism   cuddling   sweet   simulated source music   fanfare   parallel double period   pleasant   spouse   The End   buggy   working   cast list   club   augmented sixth chord   childbirth   bride   RKO tower   warm   gossiper   folk song   plotting   hopeful   dramatic